Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd. offers a full range of on-site consulting support services for customers. We focus on document and records management systems as they integrate with our client's business processes and automated systems such as engineering design systems, geographic information systems, accounting, websites, bulk e-mailing systems and just-in-time inventory management systems to name a few.

Our clients have sophisticated business models that rely on timely access to online computer systems both in their offices and in remote data centers. We provide reliable design, purchasing, provisioning and installation of computer systems along with consistent preventative maintenance to ensure minimum downtime and business interruptions.

We support the latest Microsoft technologies, firewalls, networking equipment and of course the always present legacy systems that are integrated together with the electronic and paper based business systems of our clients.

We have expert level skills with Windows Server 2000/2003, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Windows XP and Vista, UNIX, Linux and FreeBSD. While no longer common at our clients sites we also have experience working with large mainframe data processing systems and mini-computers such as OpenVMS.

Our expertise in system and application programming allows us to quickly resolve problems. We design and implement permanent solutions to complex system integration challenges.

We use the traditional Use Case outlines of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in our proposals. For clients with existing project analysis tools or established project management methodologies we are happy to learn their tools and use them on any project we are involved with.

Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd. offers a unique combination of skill and experience to help our customers work seamlessly with both electronic and paper based business processes. We strive to always implement the most efficient solutions to business problems regardless of the technology implemented.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help support your existing computer systems.

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