Legacy computers systems are continued to be used by our customers because they provide valuable office services to them and their customers.

It is generally recognized that best business practices require constant upgrades to ensure both hardware and software used by our customers are operated and maintained at the lowest cost. Unfortunately for many this is not always possible for reasons out of the control of our customers, their business and sometimes their suppliers. Hardware and software can become obsolete for many reasons with the result always being difficulties in hardware repairs and software maintenance.

Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd. provides consulting services and hardware maintenance (sometimes contracted out to specialists) to owners of legacy systems. We have experience with computer systems ranging from Digital PDP 8 and PDP 11, Digital VAX's, early personal computers, most Unix versions, Digital's VMS & Open/VMS to the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Operating systems, Exchange and SQL Server running on small servers to data centers, Blackberry Enterprise Servers, and routers and firewalls.

Additional we have programming and system support experience in BASIC, Fortran, Cobol, C/C++,  most of the major database vendors including MS SQL/Server, Oracle, ObjectStore, 2D/3D mapping/drawing and plant modeling systems such as Intergraph / Micro Station / AutoCAD, PASCE and we use these skills to integrate the older systems with the newest.

If you have a legacy system that needs ongoing maintenance and support ask us if we can help. If we don't already have the necessary experience we are always willing to learn what is required. Even if it means finding and reading computer manuals from the 1980's.

Whether you are a small company with an old process control system that just cannot be replaced or a large corporation with an established IT division that wants to outsource support of specific legacy systems, we can help.

Some of the older systems we have worked with are: FreeBSD servers, Brunswick Bowling machines & front office systems running SCO Unix, Greenhouse Control Systems, Drawing and Document Management Systems of our own design and FileNET.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help support your legacy systems.

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