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We specialize in Document, Records and Information Management and offer the following services to both startups and investment firms.

 Intellectual Property Control Systems - Design and Implementation
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Intellectual Property Control Systems - Design and Implementation

Startup companies have many valuable assets that are used in the process of securing angel, seed and growth capital. In all cases the most important assets are their ideas and how they are recorded on paper or electronic media. 

Any firm seeking seed or growth funding must be able to produce:

  • original versions of incorporation papers, shareholder agreements, lease and debt obligations, permits and licenses
  • all confidentially agreement and employment contract
  • every engineer's, developer's or scientist's completed notebooks, experiment parameters and testing results logs
  • their copyright and patent applications documentation
  • all copies of all the signed correspondence sent or received
  • if applicable, audited inventory and financial statements
and be assured that
  • their office, lab and production computers are secure from internal and external intrusion
  • that both the paper and electronic files are safely backed up
  • all vital operational records are duplicated off-site
  • there are inventory and theft detection systems in place.
Contact us to find out how we can design and implement an office document and records control system to secure and protect your firm's intellectual property.

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